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Becker[dot]FYI set for family promotion

“I’ve always had trouble knowing what URL to use for my various family web sites,” said Brian Becker, an entrepreneur from Southeast Missouri.

Becker, a musician whose “wife is a musician, my two sons are musicians, they both play baseball with hopes of playing college level, my sister is a documentary videographer, and then then there’s my great-grandfather and the Cardinals. I just needed somewhere to put all this info.”

That was the impetus for Becker[dot]FYI which is powered by WPEngine and WordPress’ multisite network configuration. “With multi-site, I can put a story on Toni’s [Becker’s wife] site and it will easily show up on the Becker[dot]FYI.”

Becker’s been a blogger for over 15 years and been using WordPress since its first year of inception back in 2004, “I’ve worked on many different platforms over my 21 years of providing hosting and design services, but I have to admit that I’m finally satisfied with a platform that will do what I need it to do, how I need it to do it.”

When asked what his aim for Becker[dot]FYI is he smiled and said, “It’s for creators, makers and any partakers….”

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